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XpandCDH: A Better Solution for Administering Consumer-Driven Healthcare.

Acero’s flagship product is XpandCDH, an integrated, scalable Consumer-Driven Healthcare (CDH) solution that allows health plans to administer sophisticated Health Savings Account (HSA) and Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) programs to provide greater value to health plan consumers.

By synchronizing health account data in real-time with the health plan’s core benefit plan, XpandCDH allows CDH products to truly deliver on their potential — both in terms of the consumer’s experience and the plan’s bottom line.

A Closer Look at XpandCDH's Advantages

Because it closely integrates with the core claims system, once implemented the solution requires little or no additional work to configure new products or adjudicate/adjust claims. In addition, tight integration permits the administrator to manage eligibility data with more accuracy, ensuring accurate account payments for valid dates of services on a timely basis.

Meanwhile, the program’s real-time pharmacy benefit integration eliminates a variety of scenarios in which minor errors can require time-consuming adjustments due to out-of-sync data — such as consumers paying when they are not required to, or vice versa. Our solution also eliminates delays and reduces administrative costs for the plan, thanks to fewer, shorter phone calls, and less need for claim reprocessing or adjustment.

In short, XpandCDH provides enhanced CDH service and operational support, eliminates problems caused by a lack of synchronization and reduces overall costs for handling claims and calls.

XpandCDH's Bottom-Line Impact

  • Integrated
    Coordinates and synchronizes core enrollment, benefit and claims data with account and pharmacy data to provide consumers with a single, consistent product experience via the website and customer service

  • Scalable
    Service-Oriented Architecture reduces or eliminates technical and product limitations, making it easy to add and configure new products and groups

  • Enabling
    Facilitates popular CDH plan features by streamlining client and product configuration, integrating pharmacy and medical benefits and optimizing wellness program management

  • Real-Time
    Empowers timely and accurate customer service due to adjudicating claims simultaneously with the core claim system, treating the account as part of standard benefits, with real-time accumulators and contribution/payment postings

  • Synchronized
    Expedites processing of claims for pharmacy, medical and HRA benefits in one single solution, completing more accurate calculations in milliseconds, not days

  • Sophisticated
    Seamlessly handles complicated proration calculations, coverage changes, difficulties with hard rollovers and other widespread challenges with far greater simplicity for administrators

XpandCDH Features

  • Integrated Design and Configuration
  • Coordinated Enrollment and Eligibility Management
  • Dynamic Account Contributions and Calculations
  • Synchronized Benefit Year Adjudication
  • Real-Time Pharmacy and Medical Benefit Coordination
  • HSA Financial Institution Interfaces
  • Consolidated Financial Information
  • Simplified Customer Service Support
  • Administrative Console for Easy, Efficient Platform Management
  • Sophisticated, Customizable Client Reporting

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