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Acero: Thought Leadership in Healthcare Administration.

Acero Health Technologies is an innovative technology company serving today's healthcare visionaries. We have significant experience in developing sophisticated technical solutions for health plans and third-party benefits administrators offering commercial, Medicaid and Medicare products. As a result, we're able to efficiently address our clients' specific operational and business needs — and simultaneously optimize their capital investments.

The word acero is Spanish for steel — reflecting the qualities of strength, durability and flexibility that define our company and our products. By leveraging these qualities, we're able to help clients in the healthcare marketplace better serve their existing consumers, develop new products and maintain compliance in a dynamic regulatory environment.

As a case in point, we recently completed an implemention of our Consumer-Driven Healthcare (CDH) solution for a large, regional integrated hospital system. Through its subsidiary health plan, this client required an integrated, real-time CDH solution that could address operational and synchronization issues, and at the same time, is scalable and flexible enough to meet the diverse needs of its commercial customers.

Our leadership team includes individuals with special expertise in developing software to support advanced healthcare administration systems — specifically, CDH products. Collectively, our deep knowledge of healthcare and healthcare administration, combined with our diverse expertise, enables our clients to develop, implement and support the innovative solutions their consumers require. Please contact us to learn more.