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With extensive expertise in software development for the healthcare industry, Acero Health Technologies creates advanced software solutions specifically to help clients offer products that their customers value. In doing so, we help clients overcome their most challenging technical hurdles to respond quickly and successfully to emerging market trends.

Acero’s unique, integrated solutions feature Service-Oriented Architecture, allowing health benefits administrators and insurers to add features and functions to existing adjudication platforms. At the same time, our sophisticated design and engineering enables real-time adjudication of every type of claim, all in direct interaction with the core claims system — resulting in more accurate processing, more satisfied customers and less need for claims adjustments.

In short, our products operate not just as transactional tools for our clients, but as investments that are designed to rapidly pay for themselves through operational efficiencies.

PlanXpand™ is Acero’s proprietary transaction processing engine, one that powers each of our products for health benefits administrators. Leveraging this engine, clients may choose to implement Acero’s products concurrently or incrementally. In addition to selecting one of our standard products, administrators also may choose to utilize PlanXpand™ to develop a custom solution to extend existing system capabilities.

XpandCDH – a card-less, integrated Consumer-Driven Health solution that provides carriers and TPAs a means to offer employers highly sophisticated, account-based plan designs with low administrative costs alongside a seamless employer/employee experience.

XpandHCR – a technical solution for calculating, tracking and reconciling the cost-sharing reduction (CSR) subsidies under the Affordable Care Act according to the CSR standard calculation method. Granular results provide issuers with the details necessary to support annual CSR reconciliation.

XpandACC – a real-time processing solution supporting the ACA single annual maximum out-of-pocket requirement. Supports shared accumulators for multiple benefit classes (medical, pharmacy, behavioral health, dental, or vision).