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A Closer Look at the Technology behind Acero’s Advanced Solutions.

PlanXpand™ is Acero’s proprietary transaction processing engine, one that supports each of Acero’s products. PlanXpand provides administrators with the ability to add incremental features and functions to existing benefit plan designs with minimal changes to their current capital investments. In addition to adding functionality, administrators will find that the products increase operational efficiency through the automation of current processes and by eliminating instances when significant manual work might be required – often resolving issues that arise from a lack of data synchronization.

PlanXpand Technology

A robust, service-oriented technology engine, PlanXpand uses standard interfaces and common communication protocols to enable flexible deployment and meaningful integration with a client’s existing architecture. The deployment requirements are driven by client requirements for service level performance and administrative management.

Leveraging cloud-based design principles, PlanXpand utilizes virtual, on-demand technologies to provide a reliable, scalable, high-performing solution while ensuring security and manageability.

In addition to providing the environment to host and manage the business services, PlanXpand provides the vital capabilities IT administrators need and expect including configuration, scheduling, load management, logging and auditing. By exposing these functional services to each product, PlanXpand supports the specific business logic necessary to implement desired plan enhancements to Consumer-Driven Healthcare products or creating real-time pharmacy integration with medical benefits.

The engine is designed to adapt to your needs and requirements. The engine’s footprint is driven by client specifications for supporting internal service levels – the footprint may be as small as you want it to be or as large as you need it to be.

PlanXpand Advanced Features

  • Utilizes standard interfaces to send and receive messages
  • Relies on open, standard communication and security protocols
  • Offers real-time performance monitoring to manage processing as well as trigger alerts
  • Designed to be resilient and to provide for redundancy due to high capacity load demands
  • Real-time transactional processing - extendible to core systems and client partners
  • On-demand services managed via configurations and administrative consoles
  • Enables active management of services, load and throughput via easy-to-use administrative consoles
  • Maximizes database maturation due to advanced database partitioning
  • Increases processing speed by segmenting transactional data from reporting data

PlanXpand Security

  • Comprehensive security design utilizes multiple protocols and methods
    • Sensitive data encryption
    • Role-based security
    • Transactional logging for audit and traceability
    • Design based on HIPAA, PCI and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements
  • Strict data exchange protocols to support controls and audit compliance

PlanXpand Benefits

  • Flexible deployment subject to client requirements
  • Highly scalable, fault tolerant solution
  • Automates processes that are manual for many vendors
  • Reduces or eliminates issues due to non-synchronized data